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Steel dock frames in Dayton

When you're looking to build a new steel dock frame, call Hodge's Marine Construction. We specialize in crafting state of the art, structurally sound installations for docking your watercraft. With years of experience, there's no better option around. We serve the entire Flathead Lake, from Polson Bay to the North Shores of the Bigfork.

New docks

One of our primary specialties is new dock construction work. Although there is a standard repository of dock types to build from, occasionally this involves permitting and design, which we can handle as well. We will tackle your job from start to finish with professionalism and a dedication to getting the job done right the first time.
Newly constructed steel dock in Dayton, MT

Dock upgrades

One thing remains true for all docks, both small and large - after some years, when new technology rolls out and erosion and other natural factors change the landscape of a shore, the dock can fall out of date. To combat that we do dock upgrades to bring your dock back to new condition while avoiding a complete rebuild.

Maintenance and repairs

If you're not looking for new a installation or a complete dock upgrade but would rather just bring an old dock back to life, we also offer maintenance and repair service for a wide variety of docks. Our technicians can replace individual parts on your dock as well as polish or refurbish existing elements to bring a new luster, improved functionality, and a renewed element of safety back into your operation.
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