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Dock repairs in Dayton

If it's not there yet, we can build it. If it's already built but damaged, we can repair it. When it comes to docks, there's no better expert in Dayton than Hodge's Marine Construction. Our decades of experience has given us the resources and skill set to build docks that aren't just safe, but also long-lasting.

Years of practice

We've been in business since 1957. Hodge's Marine Construction is a family owned business of men and women who have been longtime residents of Dayton. We've sailed on Flathead Lake and know the importance of a quality, sturdy dock - that's why we make them. Safety and longevity are of utmost importance and as such we approach every job like our first job, with integrity and dedication.
View of a repaired dock in Dayton, MT

Certified professionals

Anybody can hammer some wood together near a shore and call it a dock, but it takes a certified professional to construct one that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

We are licensed and insured to build any type of dock, from steel frame docks to Trex decks. All of our structures are built by technicians who are masters of their craft.

Call us today

Whether you're looking to build a small personal dock on private property for a fishing boat or watercraft, or a larger marine construction for more commercial application, call us today. We can help provide the infrastructure and resources you need to bring your vision to life at an effective cost and on a speedy timeline.
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